In COP26, Australia highlights a gas company and “shocks” the fire victims’ association

In COP26, Australia highlights a gas company and "shocks" the fire victims' association

“As a survivor of the fire, I was shocked to see that my government was giving a big place to the fossil fuel company at the conference on climate crisis.” On Tuesday, November 2 in Glasgow (Scotland), Joe Dots, Australian President of the Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action (BSCA, “Brush for Climate Action”), decided to visit his country’s pavilion. Building with COP 26 negotiations.

Arriving in front of a large stand with yellow and green stripes, he discovered a large blue block with a white inscription: “Carbon Capture and Storage” By “Santos”. Above, a showcase illustrates the “Mumba” project, which is set to launch in 2024 in South Australia.

“The Australian government has chosen to promote this fossil fuel company more than the Australian population affected by the same company’s operations.”, franceinfo reacts to Jo Dodds. This is because, among the largest fossil and cement companies in the country, Santos is the tenth largest emitter of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. In 2018, the company emitted 17.72 million tons of CO2eq. Report by the University of New South Wales (PDF, in English).

“It sends a message to me and the thousands of people affected by the climate crisis that our government has not shown enough interest in telling Australians not to make such an attempt.”, Still accuses Joe Dots. In March 2018, this Dadra (New South Wales) resident saw his surroundings smoking. “There was a catastrophic fire a few miles from my house.”

As she recalls this experience, her eyes still shine behind the red glass. “I was going home and saw the smoke rising. I heard the weather warnings and I understood it was heading towards my house.”, She says. Put in the distance, she watched the flames land for four hours. “Then at five o’clock the wind stopped. The fire was on my property, but my house was saved.” Dozens of homes are not so lucky.

“We already have another fire, in the middle of winter, then flood, then ‘black summer’ fire so the residents don’t even have time to recover …”

Joe Dots, President of the BSCA Association

to franceinfo

“I’ve lived in this region for twenty-one years. It’s never been like this before! It all happens so often.”, Concerns Joe Dots. This fire, which is triggered by high temperatures and strong winds, is real “Of course” Frequent and very intense with hot weather, stabilizes The latest IPCC report. “People are paying for the inaction of my government”, She regrets.

Like him, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull criticized the place given to Santos: “Look at the Australian Pavilion: At the urging of the Department of Energy you have a gas company that thinks our energy policy should focus on gas burning, in fact the main focus is on burning gas. ‘Stop burning fossil fuels.’, He said Defender (In English).

The current head of government, who is widely criticized for the weakness of his country’s climate stability as the world’s largest coal exporter, has defended his strategy: “Technology provides the answers to the low carbon economy (…) so that our citizens, especially in developing countries, do not lose the opportunity to improve their livelihoods or their living conditions.”Scott Morrison told heads of state in Glasgow.

“Until we put victims at the center of the conversation, we are not talking about the cost of climate change, we are not making the right decisions.”, Joe Dots argues on the way to the Australian Pavilion. Wednesday, the window of Santos Removed from stand, But the activist still wants to stay close to the COP period, in order to encourage other states “Claim Accounts” To Australia. When asked by franceinfo, the Australian Pavilion has not yet responded.

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