Wes Anderson’s most beautiful shooting locations

Wes Anderson's most beautiful shooting locations

Grand Budapest Hotel, Germany represents an imaginary country

Grand Budapest Hotel The receptionist at this hotel is located in the fictional land of Zubrovka. Staged Gusta’s incredible adventures. The establishment, with its stunning pink color, is one of its own characters in the film. But unfortunately many film enthusiasts do not have this place. Wide shots were taken using a three-meter-tall model in a studio in Berlin.

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Indoors, Wes Anderson set up his cameras in the amazing location of the Korlitzer Warrenhaus, one of Germany’s oldest shopping centers. Located in Corlitz, not far from the Polish border, it was built in the Art Deco style in 1912 and operated until 2009. Many of the city’s buildings appear in the picture, especially the old town hall.

If you want to continue shooting Grand Budapest Hotel, You have to go to Dresden to admire the celebrities Swinger Museum, We see it many times in the film. The shooting took place at two spectacular locations, the Sphinx Observatory in Switzerland and Fort Waldenberg in Saxony.

On the board of Darjeeling Limited, Cape Sur Le Rajasthan

Despite the title, Wes Anderson’s fifth film was not shot in the Darjeeling region of India. This amazing journey of three American brothers on a train journey through North India was actually filmed in Rajasthan, especially in the cities of Ocean, Jodhpur and Udaipur. The film finds a line that is not on the train (often with Wes Anderson!) But if you dream of living a little in the Darjeeling Limited experience, you can climb. Connecting toy train Siliguri à Darjeeling.

Moonrise Kingdom, A kingdom to an island

The opening film of the 65th Cannes Film Festival in 2012, Kingdom of Moonrise Following Sam’s adventures, a young scout runs away with his boyfriend Susie. With the lyrics and moving, the movie is worth a diversion to its amazing settings!

We dream of happening on this strange island, where everything seems so real and at the same time so wonderful. Much of the film was shot on the sparsely populated island of Prudence in the Gulf of Naracenz in the northeastern United States.

Susie’s parents’ unusual home is in Jamestown, on Conanicut Island in Rhode Island. The Ivanhoé Scout Camp was newly built in South Kingstow. An unforgettable feature of the film is the famous lighthouse Point Judith located at the entrance to the bay of Nargunset.

French dispatch, A dive in Angoulême

Presented at the last Cannes Film Festival. French dispatch Declaration of love for the press … and to France. Between November 2018 and Spring 2019 the American director set up his cameras actually in Angolam, Sorrento. However, it is difficult to identify the city renamed “Ennuy-Sir-Place” baptized on the screen!

For this filming, Wes Anderson spent about 27 million euros in France, of which 8 million was in Sarande. This is the largest budget ever invested in a foreign film made in France.

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