The 4-hour London-Sydney project is about to be completed

The 4-hour London-Sydney project is about to be completed

Thanks to the possibility of a revolutionary hybrid engine sending aircraft into space, 4 hours will be enough to connect London with Sydney by 2030. This is the crazy plan presented at the UK Space Conference at the end of last September. The United Kingdom Space Agency of Wales and Australia now “want to invest in the implementation of this.” The world’s first space bridge Or the world’s first space bridge.

Fly at twice the speed of the Concorde, that is, at 4,400 km / h

According to Telegraph, A hydrogen rocket is under construction, and will allow these new aircraft to fly at twice the speed of the Concorde, at over 4,400 km / h. It takes off horizontally like a stationary plane and is not like a vertical rocket, and “” Bond Spatial It will connect the two countries. Equipped with a hybrid engine powered by oxygen and hydrogen, this future aircraft promises to have a minimal impact on the environment by significantly reducing the carbon footprint. In short, the aircraft consumes less energy and even less expensive than the current large aircraft!

Eventually, once in space, it could move 25 times faster than the speed of sound or 30,000 km per hour!

The UK government has already invested 67 67 million in a project called Saber. The supersonic is 84 meters long and can carry 300 passengers. Parts of the Thruster are currently being tested in the United States, with the first test flights scheduled for 2025. The first business trips will not take place until 2030, 55 years after the engine was commissioned. Concord, the only supersonic aircraft in the history of passenger transport …

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