MLB: Braves return to Southpa Max Fried

MLB: Braves return to Southpa Max Fried

HOUSTON – At this point, all the World Series club pitchers are feeling tired.

“It affects everyone without exception,” said Brian Snitker, Braves’ manager, who led 3-2 against Houston. It’s been a long year. “

Max Fried would have had at least five days off.

The 27-year-old left-hander will play at Astros Minute Maid Park in Atlanta on Tuesday.

The Braves were lucky enough to celebrate at home on Sunday, but lost 9-5 to Adam Dowell in the first inning, losing the Grand Slam.

Luis Garcia will be the Houston starter on Tuesday; The candidate for the title of Newcomer of the Year, on the other hand, has only three days’ rest.

Astros manager Dusty Baker said, “We think he’s the guy for the job. We know he’s not going to be too relaxed.”

Each club used at least five pitchers in each game.

For Houston, Bill Madden and Rhine Stanek have been hired four times more than Kendall Graveman, Brooks Raleigh and Yimi Garcia.

On the Atlanta side, relievers Tyler Matsek, Luke Jackson, AJ Minder and Will Smith were called in three times.

There is fatigue, yes, but hitters are well aware of their skills.

Garcia Pitch won 3 games for the Braves 2-0 until the fourth inning on Friday in Georgia.

He scored one run and three. He made 72 shots, allowed four walks and struck out six batters.

The right-handed player won the game, which elevated his team to the World Series.

Garcia says the short rest period is irrelevant.

“I want to go upstairs and be myself,” he said succinctly.

Roasted excelled in the regular season (14-7 and average 3.04). He was also very consistent against Milwaukee and Los Angeles in the playoffs.

However, its effectiveness has been declining recently.

On October 21, he gave up five runs and eight wins in two innings of four and three at Dodger Stadium.

In the second game in Houston, he allowed six runs and seven hits in five innings.

“He hasn’t really been identified since his last two trips,” Snitker said. I expect him to be number one in his game on Tuesday – he could be one of the best in the game of baseball after the All-Star break. “

The final takes place on Wednesday in Texas. The frying is good to do on Tuesdays.

“You don’t always get the performance you want, you just want to choose for yourself,” Freight said.

“This will probably be the last trip of the year, so I’ll give it my all.”

The Braves most recently competed in the 1999 World Series, beating the New York Yankees.

As a team based in Atlanta, Braves won the Fall Classic in 1995 at the expense of the Cleveland Indians.

The 2017 edition of the World Series ended with Astros’ first win.

No team has won the World Series on home soil since Boston changed chances in 2013.

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