Kimberly Loisa – Marseille News with the best single that won New York

Kimberly Loisa won New York with Best Solo | Instagram

From the moment Jugilope decided to move to the United States, they were gradually able to enter the world of American entertainment, and recently Kimberly Loisa enthusiastically shared that she had come to succeed. New York With ” It is good to be alone.

Kimberly Loisa The wife of musician Juan de Dios Pandoza, she is like a celebrity and internet celebrity, she always accompanies him on his travels and it is clear that he shows his support on every occasion and she is no doubt his biggest fan. .

On his official Instagram account, the “Major Sola” and “Don’t Be Envious” artist shared some posts referring to the spectacular scenes and screens appearing in New York City.

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His passion is not stopped by photos and videos, because starting to succeed in another country is usually something complicated.

However, it seems that it has become a simple one for Kim Loisa as she progresses and overcomes every obstacle.

4 hours ago, he shared his latest post about this new record, where he shows his fans part of the journey to get to this beautiful place.

Kimberly Loisa won New York with Best Solo | Instagram kimberly.loaiza

Kima and Juanito’s mother promised that this would be her last post marking her new record in the United States, which marks the beginning of a successful career in that country.

The cuties understand me, I’m angry again, thank you, thank you for everything, I love you and keep listening to Major Zola, ”Kim Loisa wrote.

Approximately 100,000 Red Hearts have donated to his post every hour since they posted, so far it already has 373,279 reproductions and 3,092 comments.

Click here if you want to watch the video.

Apparently, her fans like him are very excited to see her succeed as a self-sufficient woman, and they let her know in the comments area, where, as always, she brings him unconditional support.

In the well-known corner of one of New York’s most popular streets in Time Square, Loisa apparently appeared with Zion & Lenox in an ad for her new single.

The tremendous videos are not only interesting, but spectacular, and a great product he worked on Kimberly Loisa That’s something to be proud of as a Mexican, successful abroad.

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