The horror film continues in Canada

The horror film continues in Canada

While Ryan Getsloff was writing a page in the history of the Anaheim Ducks, the Montreal Canadians ended an unforgettable period overseas with a 4-2 win at the Honda Center on Sunday.

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On this Halloween day, the Canadians’ color bearings continued the terrible start of the season with a poor record of 2-8-0. Having lost three of their four junctions in the West, they are “comfortably installed” in the Atlantic area cellar.

However, the spectators seemed to perform better than the previous day in Los Angeles, where they were beaten 5-2 by the Kings. This time, the goal in the middle of the last twenty drowned Saint-Flynn. Getsloff broke up with Troy Terry and efficiently outscored Samuel Montembalt with a good faint. At the same time, Getzloff collected his 989th career point and became the best scorer in California offer history.

With the support of his teammates, including Sam Garrick, who scored a goal in the empty net, John Gibson closed the books and he stopped 16 shots.

There is more to it than just the problem

As is customary from the start of the campaign, the Canadians fought in shorthand and the ducks took advantage twice during the opening period. After Brett Gulak received a bad penalty, Adam Henrik David Schwart took advantage of his back-to-back wanderings, unable to recover the disc, and deceived Enclave Montembolt’s opener to open the scoring.

Later, C├ędric Paquette managed to catch Trevor Zegras from behind in the eyes of his head coach Dominique Ducharmin and caught him for the wrong reasons. Dismissed from the game, he saw the opponent regain the lead during his main penalty when Vinnie Lettieri finished the cross pass given by Henrik. At the same time, the total number of goals scored by the backward Montreal team this year rose to 14.

Fortunately, the other aspect of the special teams was very satisfying in the blue-white-red camp. Mike Hoffman broke again, drew with a powerful receiving shot, and made it 1-1 shortly afterwards. For the senior, it was his fourth goal in five games.

For his part, Jake Evans took advantage of an unexpected opportunity presented to him. No. 71, who was inserted into the line-up following confirmation of the absence of a few players, brought both clubs back to the top of the table by pushing a free side behind Gibson on a late shorthand penalty of the second confirmation.

In short

At the start of the second season Montembolt made a total of 22 saves.

Brendan Gallagher resigned after a brief stint at Warm-Up.

According to Ducharme, Quebecer Mathieu Perreault missed the clash. He will be out for at least three weeks due to retinal detachment in his right eye.

The Hobbs will play their next five games at the Bell Center, starting on Tuesday against the Red Wings of Detroit, who will advance to the U.S. West Indies after beating them 6-1.

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