“Greta is right: only confusing sophists. But the commitment to vaccines is positive.”

"Greta is right: only confusing sophists. But the commitment to vaccines is positive."

Giulio Tremondi did not lose his polite contradiction. We are talking about the G20 with a minister who has attended dozens of international summits. When asked what he thought of this Roman encounter, Mario Draghi was defined as “the summit that embodied our words” in the results, a ready answer to Tremondi: “Pauca sed bene confusa sophismata”, he tells us. (Some but very confusing sophists).

Professor Tremonti developed the G20 vaccine in Rome, the Global Agreement on Taxation, the Deletion of Obligations, and the Agreement on Climate. What do you think?

“The status of vaccines seems to me to be favorable. It should be clear that vaccination outside the West is an investment in the West itself. I do not think the scale of that effort is commensurate with the world’s population. So this is a partial plan. But there is a positive resolution.”

Is it taxable for heroes?

“This is also positive, but it’s already a deal on the previous G20. Nothing new. Obviously it’s not bad, it has its own index value, but the big multinationals do not have significant content. The old European domestic digital taxes are very serious. Not a coincidence.

What about removing taxes on steel and aluminum?

“This is an internal rivalry between the United States and Europe, and it is not the G20’s decision to abolish them.

And the deal for zero emissions in the middle of the century?

“Meanwhile, I notice that the deal is already the same as it did in Paris, which is similar in terms of time horizon and objective temperature: I have some difficulty in seeing both the novelty and the success of today’s press release. Then, when it comes to the environment, we have to differentiate between climate and pollution. I believe: Climate change is secular, but pollution-free, it has had its fastest growth since 1994 with globalization. .

But now there seems to be a commitment to stop it.

“I find it beautiful that its creator is now a candidate for its removal. The same elites behind globalization are now presenting themselves to solve its problems. It will happen, starting with the green economy and financially being one of the most lucrative today.

Is the 2050 goal realistic?

“The goals between now and the middle of the century are philosophical, moral motives, the course of action of incumbent governments and the lives of those who speak of them. They are utterly vague propositions.

We have seen the superiority of pluralism in which the Italian government is now stable. Does this seem like an important decision?

“Today’s politics is multifaceted, but it’s been delayed by a decade: the Italian government, led by Berlusconi, proposed a multilateral agreement 12 years ago called the Global Legal Standards Agreement, which translates from free trade to fair trade. And in Section 4, among other things, the environmental and health regulations are planned.

Did the absence of China and Russia weigh it down? Prodi said it was an unfortunate G20.

“Actually, it’s the G18 or the G17 on climate, because neither is India in this matter. However, do not forget that the G20 is a second tier company. This year it was in Italy. Next in Indonesia. In 2009 he had only one jump. In 2009, it became the dramatic place for world governance to manage the economic crisis.

But for Italy it was an important visual object.

“It’s in favor of Mad Italy, but it’s not a moral phenomenon for me. May be G20 compliant.Photo taken against the backdrop of planet, people and prosperity.

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