Greek Signs and Digital Services: Complete Confusion

Greek Signs and Digital Services: Complete Confusion

Is there anything worse than the Greek bureaucracy? Yes, the problems created by the collection of outdated documents to be used by Greek citizens. In particular, Greek identities are the most useless document in the world and are not recognized by various digital services.

Over the decades, many countries have replaced cards with national identity card holder details, which are photo-colored, and in some cases have magnetic stripes, chips, or QR code / barcode. Get the information you need for it.

In Greece, we have been hearing for many years that Greek identities will change, becoming cards that will make the lives of citizens easier and allow digital services to be used more easily. Eventually everything in this country is happening at turtle speed.

Recently, I had to change my old handwritten ID – yes I am too big – with a printed one and a reputed financial services company did not accept the scrap I had – except 15 years have passed since the problem occurred. It needs to change anyway.

Today, I had to submit his police ID on a well-known online course page in order to get a certificate of completion of one of the seminars. After many failed attempts, their organization accepted my identity, but I soon realized that Greek identities and digital services could not continue.

On the right side of the front of the ID, their organization was recognized as a name referring to the Hellenic Police Chief. Somehow, in the first phase I received a certificate with the name “Hellenic Police Headquarters” and the family name “Identity”. In the second stage, I contacted the support of the service and had to prove that my parents had not baptized me at the “Hellenic Police Headquarters”.

It is sad that by the end of 2021 Greek identities will lag behind beyond recognition by digital services. Unfortunately, this happened to me on a Greek service, and its structure was clear and it was difficult to identify the document from the photos taken by the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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