Golden 64 back on Nintendo, Switch and online?

Golden 64 back on Nintendo, Switch and online?

Yes, it smells good for switch players … especially those who enjoyed the famous Golden 64 on the Nintendo 64 console. A legendary game is still a benchmark today. In the online service of the hybrid machine, thanks to the arrival of the previous hardware in virtual mode, the rare title may reappear.

Goldeny 64: An Awakening Dream!

For now, if the remake idea is not on the agenda / no longer (yet, we love others, we dream about it every night!), However, there are good chances that the Golden 64 will return to the Nintendo console. Switch in this case. This is because even though the software was developed (rarely) by Microsoft-controlled studio, the new deal between Kyoto and the US company is possible.

Also, thanks to the DLC dedicated to Super Smash Brothers, Banjo and Kasui recently returned to Switch. Ultimate. Tito for gaming, which will soon be available on Nintendo’s online service / virtual console. So, yes, Goldney can come back, why not aim to play original but online against many players in the world !? The idea is exciting …

Find a deal with a GoldenIn licensee who is different from the development studio behind the N64 software. However, the latest update for the Golden 64 in Germany has now been removed from the list of banned games in that country, indicating that something is going on. So, more than ever, stay tuned!

The article was published on 11/01/2021 at 9:23 am

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