The father of “Tromis” Aldo Campiol died at the age of 93

The father of "Tromis" Aldo Campiol died at the age of 93

Tramisu’s “father”, restaurant Aldo Campiol, died at the age of 93.

The owner of the famous restaurant “Le Beccherie” in Treviso, northern Italy, created the recipe for the most popular Italian dessert in the 1960s with his wife Alpha and chef Roberto Linguanoto.

The word Tromisu means “pull me up” in German. The name Tromisu was first used in the Campiol restaurant. From there the name spread very fast all over the world.

Global successful progress

Many guests visit the Le Beccherie restaurant every day to experience the real “Tromis”. The “Tramis World Championship” has been held in Italy since 2017. Participants from all over the world compete for the title of Best Tromis Producer every year.

Tromis contains alternate layers of female fingers and cream made with mascarpone, sugar and eggs. Sponge fingers are sprinkled with cold espresso, which is flavored with marsala or amaretto. The dessert is stacked and then refrigerated for several hours so it sets. Before serving, dust the final layer of cream with a lot of cocoa powder.

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