Opponent spits on LeBron: “It’s like a superhero”


LeBron may have a large number of haters, but most players in the league are afraid to look at him. One of his future enemies did not stop praising him, not a little. The king must be praised!

Records in four Championship titles, four MVPs and spades: LeBron James Has been exactly the face of the NBA for the past 15 years. Laker has revolutionized his position with his insane versatility, while at the age of 37 he continues to establish new historical brands. He could also become the best-scoring player in history in a year and a half, and then excel Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. A performance that is hard to imagine, the former Pivot that topped the rankings for over 30 years.

So playing with him or facing him is an inevitable honor, especially for the young players in the league. Recently, Jalan Green did not hide his admiration for the king. Houston Rookie, the next opponent of the California, has practically presented a love letter to the future Hall of Fame:

John Green praised LeBron James

John Green: “You see LeBron as a superhero. The way he behaves, he’s been in the league for a long time, he always moves when he moves, he makes millions of investments to treat his body, it pays off and he is still healthy. “

Now that he is in his 19th NBA season, the nominee is actually showing a position befitting his age. Some players were able to function at this stage in the advanced stages of their lives, a testament to the exceptional longevity of the former guard. Although he missed nearly thirty games last year, he continues to harass opponent defense every night (averaging 26 points and 6 assists in 2021-22).

However, as previously discussed, LeBron begins to show signs of physical exhaustion. He already had to take two rest games due to his ankle, which is a sign that he is not fully recovered. If he wants to prolong his life as much as possible, he should focus more on his body. Exceeding 20 seasons in the league would be an incredible performance that would earn him more respect than he already had.

Jalen Green LeBron kneels in front of James and you can see the reason for that. However, if he wants to honor him, he must give it his all in the game against the Lakers!

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