Clip of Rolling Stones recreated by Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dogs

Clip of Rolling Stones recreated by Boston Dynamics' Robot Dogs

Celebrity rock band celebrates 40 years of success with American company Start Me Up.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of their victory Start Me Up, Rolling Stones, Boston Dynamics Rock and Robotics Mixing Music Video.

The American company’s robot dogs have already proven that they can patrol an oil depot in Singapore, control social alienation and restraint gestures, or change cheerleaders during a baseball game in Singapore.

This time, they are recreating the popular video featuring the Stones, released in 1981, in the video “Spot Me Up”.

On tour

If this clip makes you laugh, Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dogs will usually amaze you. In particular, one chapter Dystopic series Black glass, In which the protagonist is chased by killer robots who look like them.

For their part, the Rolling Stones resumed the “No Filter” tour at the end of September, pausing several times, first due to Mick Jagger’s heart surgery, and later due to a Covid 19 infection.

On August 24, the band lost its historic drummer Charlie Watts. For this new series of concerts, it was already planned that he would be replaced by his friend musician Steve Jordan.

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