Kevin Durant earned the respect of Tore Greek, who buried him forever

Kevin Durant earned the respect of Tore Greek, who buried him forever

The NBA Top 10 for Under-18s has been banned this morning, and many more if you are the family of Torre Craig. The soles of the feet craned up to the cron-caviar, look into your eyes because it stings.

  • Do you see the difference between the mix between Pam Adebayo and Hakeem Olajuwon, Tremond Green and Shaquille O’Neal? We are not.
  • The protection of the lakes is water, there is even a way in the middle.
  • You look there, you look there, you look there, you look there. You are still watching.
  • LeBron James is not enough law, in our opinion.
  • Gary Trent Jr.’s great defense in particular allowed the right arm of the OG Anunobi to be detected to be 2m50 long.
  • The Hornets are less likely to score easily, that’s all.
  • One drop, two drops, three drops, right foot, left foot, Scottite Barnes, brothel.
  • Blocked by James machin truc.
  • Too bad Tyler, it would have doubled if it had been announced.
  • Torre Craig is one of the best defenders in the league, apart from defending against Kevin Durant.

Dirty, dirty, dirty and dirty again. Last night that poor Dorey Craig broke his career scoring record was so dirty that no one could remember. YouTube generation, take this my Dore, but do not forget that the person behind this keyboard loves you with all his heart. You don’t have to worry, but it should come out.

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