Beyond the Magnificence ™ – Brand brand for a whole new world ahead of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand

Beyond the Magnificence ™ - Brand brand for a whole new world ahead of the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand

  • Dynamic and innovative, the brand identity of the FIFA Women’s World Cup ™ embodies many distinctive cultural elements, a bold slogan and a rich musical identity.
  • The slogan “Periennas” aims to mobilize people around the world to harness the power of women’s football and the FIFA Women’s World Cup.
  • Review the launch ceremony for the new brand identity and click to learn more about it Here .

FIFA has unveiled a bold and exciting brand identity that will be a model for Australia & New Zealand at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Based on a new visual approach, the identity aims to unite the people around the power of women’s football and especially the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The brand logo and logo include depictions of the landscapes of the two hosts and the colors that represent them. Paintings of forests, land, mountains, cities and water bodies can thus be seen. One of the key elements of the design is a circular shape with 32 squares in all colors. It was not chosen by chance, it is far from it, because it explains the increase in the number of participants and includes a graphic elements that are very pervasive in the indigenous cultures of both countries.

This motto is primarily about the integration of the best teams in the world, but also towards the world through football, the mood and values ​​of the two host nations, especially from the football perspective.

Referring to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, FIFA General Secretary Fatma Samura said:

“Women’s football continues to grow and transcend greatness! FIFA’s motto perfectly reflects how far women’s football, especially FIFA, wants to go in the hearts and minds of football fans around the world. The brand identity commendably illustrates the number of participating teams. We can not wait until it starts. “

The brand was unveiled at a live event attended by New Zealand’s Sarai Bareman, FIFA Women’s Football Director, Australian striker Kia Simon and New Zealand opponent Hannah Wilkinson. The event, which aired on Optus Sport in Australia and Sky TV in New Zealand, featured guests discussing the brand’s motto, logo and design, including unique designs created in collaboration with local artists.

During the ceremony, Sarai Bareman said she was impressed by the brand’s vision:

“The main goal of the FIFA Women’s World Cup is to showcase the best female talents. In Australia and New Zealand, the whole world can see how much we try to do for women in football and society.

It’s a movement, everyone has to be part of it. The tournament will be an exceptional showcase for the best players on the planet, two amazing host nations and their incredible cultures. It will be as unique as the logo. You have never seen anything like it. Support her! “

In addition to the scenes created for the event, a specific musical identity was also released at the event. Is titled Unity, Which is the work of composer and producer Kelly Lee Owens, a true leader in electronic music. Owens, who attended the ceremony, wanted to explain that he was inspired by the same ideals and values ​​in the appearance of the official slogan. Beyond Magnificence.

Dave Peach, President and CEO of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, said the brand’s release was an important step in production.

“As far as the host countries are concerned, the presentation of this energetic and innovative brand is an important step towards hosting the competition in 2023. We are particularly proud of the brand’s references to the indigenous cultures of the two countries. Its power and uniqueness are a perfect representation of what we want to achieve before and after the competition. We believe that this is: empowering players and supporters beyond the realm of power and building the momentum created by competition to advance competition.Women’s sports and gender equality.

Australians and New Zealanders live with their hospitality and visitors from all over the world to celebrate the biggest women’s sporting event in our beautiful countries. “

In the 2023 edition the best female players in the world will compete for the most prestigious trophy in women’s football from July 20 to August 20, 2023. Two new products represent the competition: a new format with 32 teams and an organization that includes two federations.

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