What is the difference between frogs and toads?

What is the difference between frogs and toads?

KOMPAS.com – You usually meet in the rainy season Frog And Frog. did you know The difference between frogs and toads?

Both frogs and toads are waterfalls. But, both belong to different families. Frog There are more than 400 species from the Ranidae family.

Frogs come from the Buffonidae family of more than 300 species. Frog In Indonesia, it is often referred to as Bangkok.

Although the shape is similar, it turns out that frogs and toads are very different. This is the difference between ‘frogs’ and ‘toads’.

1. Leather

Frog skin has a smooth and shiny surface. Frog skin is always moist. Frogs cannot live far from water sources.

Frogs are common in dry climates. The skin is more rough and very rough.

2. ft

Frogs have long legs that are longer than their head and body. Frog legs were created for jumping.

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Unlike frogs, frog legs are very short and are not used for jumping. Frog legs are used for walking.

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3. Body shape

The body of the frog is thin and athletic. This body makes it easier for the frog to jump and move. In addition, frogs have faces with more prominent noses. The body of the frog is large, short and wide. Frogs have flat faces.

4. தலைப்பிரட்டை

Like adults, தலைப்பிரட்டை Frogs are slim. When the frog is wide. In addition, there are color differences between the two. Frog dotballs have gold dots, while frog dotballs are plain black.

5. Tongue

Frogs have sticky tongues to reach their food. Frogs do not have sticky tongues. Therefore, toads should access their food by walking.
Do you know the difference between a frog and a toad now? Don’t get me wrong again, yes!

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