Fishing: Call for discussions after the expansion between Paris and London

Fishing: Call for discussions after the expansion between Paris and London

George Eustis, Minister of the Environment of the United Kingdom “Quiet“And”Mitigation“Claiming to be the door of his government”Always open“French Prime Minister Jean Costex said to himself,”Open to discussions“Presented by London”Respects its obligations“.

The tone rose sharply on Wednesday after France announced that the first retaliatory measures against the Channel Islands and the United Kingdom would take effect from November 2 if French fishermen did not get more licenses to fish in their waters here.

These actions were carried out by the London government. “Disproportionate“And he warned that they would be a lesson.”Correct and measured answer“.

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On Wednesday evening, the French Maritime Ministry verbally announced two British fishing vessels. “As part of tightening the controls on the channel“And against the background”Licensing discussions with the UK and European Commission“.

Only London understands “The language of power“, French Foreign Secretary for European Affairs Clement Beyonc வியா spoke Thursday morning,” said Maritime Minister Annie Girard.A fight“The United Kingdom must respect its obligations.

– Strengthening controls –

The post-Brexit agreement between London and Brussels, which ended in terrorism at the end of 2020, provides that European fishermen can continue to work in certain British waters under certain conditions.

Still in dispute, London and Jersey have issued more than 210 permanent licenses, but Paris is still asking for more than 200.

Mr Eustace reaffirmed on Thursday that 98% of the European licenses requested in the UK had been granted, and Annik Girard’s request was denied this morning.

In response, from next Tuesday, British fishing vessels will be significantly banned from unloading their cargo in French ports and tariffs on trucks will be tightened.

Strengthening tests on British vessels It already appears that two fishing boats were launched orally overnight, although they were routine seasonal tests, the ministry said.

One of two ships “Not on the UK license list“It was diverted to the European Commission and France, and to the port of Le Havre,” the ministry said.

– “Political maneuvering“-

This is a message from AFP to the owner of the confused Scottish tugboat.Misunderstanding“And a condemnation”Political maneuvering“.

On the French side of Cranville Bay, fishermen believe, on the contrary, these checks have been delayed for a long time.

From Brexit, “There is no restriction on the French side. Me, I get checked in once a month when I go to JerseySays Pascal Delacore, 52, a patron saint of Scholes.

Asked by AFP if his boat was still in the dock, Hermann Outreach welcomed the French move. “They each want to be at home, and everyone wants to be at home at that time. But suddenly they do not come to us“The captain of Santa Clara, who did not have a famous license, insists.

Others, like Nicholas Bussard, are not mussels and scallops fishermen. “Words only“And uncertainty remains over whether to obtain licenses.”Than waiting“.

Strategy for the Barry Tees of the Federation of British Fishermen’sEye to eye, tooth to tooth“It doesn’t help.

Some British ships dock in French ports while there are many French fishermen in British waters, he told the BBC, adding that the expansion would be detrimental to the French.

On the European side, a commission spokesman stressed the need for post-Brexit agreement: “All licensed French ships must obtain it“.”We will continue to discuss with the UK and France to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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