Evan Fornier speaks in a player’s trash: “He’s a little chubby”

Evan Fournier pour l'Equipe de France

Evan Fornier is undoubtedly one of the funniest players in the NBA, so inevitably some teammates or former teammates will not hesitate to make tough jokes about him. For example, before returning to Orlando, a young man attacked a French weightlifter.

Those in charge of the NBA and the calendar probably did not do it on purpose, but could not have better organized the start of Evan Fornier’s adventure in New York. In fact, at the start of the season, the French pack faced his last team, the Celtics, and he Mostly up to the event. Man of the match with boss and victory, He had attracted the admiration of frantic fans !

Then in the uprising, barely recovering from his emotions, he had the opportunity to go to Orlando, the pillar of the French team, and face the team that shines the most, namely Magic. He still owns a house there and knows a good portion of the workforce, so this is a homecoming especially expected on both sides. He also came out with a big win, so don’t spoil anything.

Evan Fornier was teased by a former magic team

In order to prove his influence in Florida, all of his former teammates wanted to send him a message before or after the meeting. If you know the spicy humor of Evan Fornier, it is not surprising to see that some people severely delight the speaker in the trash. For example, a young player questioned his ex-partner’s diet. Goalie Anthony spoke Orlando Sentinelle :

We already talked on Instagram, Evan is my friend. Did you see what he did for his first game? He is already very comfortable in New York. I think he likes the city the most. I have seen all his stories and he eats well. He’s a little chubby now and needs to talk to him about it.

More seriously, he is a player who is never afraid of the best moments. Throughout his life he has been doing what he does now in New York. He’s a great basketball player, and that’s exactly what the Knicks needed this year. Then he has a great personality and I am glad he saw success in his new life.

Evan Fournier was a mentor to Cole Antony in his first months in the NBA, and he never forgot his relationship with the Frenchman. They are still in touch and probably want to tease each other, which explains this barrier to the weight of Madison Square Garden’s new love. And even a “New Yorker” meal, the backside shines, which is to say its apt.

According to him Old Teammates, Evan Fornier would have led New York to some of the best restaurants. Fortunately, this does not affect the size of his game.

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