Apocalypse in Sicily A hurricane destroyed cities, streets turned into rivers, another missing today

Apocalypse in Sicily A hurricane destroyed cities, streets turned into rivers, another missing today

The south of Italy is preparing for two more days of catastrophic rain and flooding, while a rare Mediterranean hurricane, the Medicine, devastates the region.

Two people have been killed so far in the storm, and Sicilian official Nelo Musumasi confirmed today that another person is missing.

Photo: Orieta Scordino / EPA;

Flood of Sicily

A 53-year-old man has been killed in a bullfight in Catania on the east coast of Sicily, ANSA reports.

He got out of the vehicle and tried to escape from the oncoming water, but he did not succeed and then his lifeless body was found.

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In a similar tragedy on Sunday, a 67-year-old man in Catania was killed when his car got stuck in water and mud, and his wife is still wanted.

The Mayor of Catania, Salvo Boglis, urged residents to stay home if possible.

Photo: Andrea de Gracia / Tanzuk / AB

“We had two difficult days and we had dramatic moments,” Bockleys said. He warned that the weather conditions were improving but there was a bad forecast for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the situation was very worrying.

A red alert has been issued for the island of Sicily, which has already been hit by bad weather throughout the week, and the area where the city of Catania is located.

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