Hero dog awarded for saving hundreds of colas in Australian fire – Hero

Hero dog awarded for saving hundreds of colas in Australian fire - Hero

A hero dog rewarded for having

The bear is a hero dog. During a fire in Australia, the animal saved hundreds of colas caught in the fire. A rewarding heroic deed.

Billions of animals have been affected

Remember, between 2019 and 2020, a fire in Australia destroyed millions of hectares of land and affected billions of animals.

During the most violent fire in the country’s history, a six – year – old Australian laborer proved that the bear could trust himself. The dog has recovered more than 100 colas from the fire. Thus the surviving minors were able to be treated and protected.

The Australians have been rewarded for this brave act. According to the International Animal Welfare Fund (IFAW), the cola rescuer received an award for his work.

A hero dog belonging to a special group

Dr. Roman Christes of Sunshine Coast University explained, “We think the bear really deserves this award because he helped us find and save a lot of colas.

Shortly before the fire, the bear was an abandoned dog who found it very difficult to integrate into a new family due to “his boundless energy and frantic enthusiasm for the game”.

Today, this hero dog has joined a special team that helps wildlife during natural disasters.

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