Texas is at the center of America’s worries more than ever

How does Joe Biden's America see the world?

Texas is the second largest state in the United States after Alaska. With it 696,000 km2, its territory is larger than France. It has the second largest population (29 million people) after California. Although it belonged to Mexico for 15 years from 1821 to 1836, it was one of the finest states in the United States.

Because Texas is first and foremost for Americans and millions of people around the world Dallas, The story of the Ewing family and its empire is set against the backdrop of a rivalry with the Barnes family. Between 1978 and 1991, its desert landscapes, derix fields, its traditions and the power bestowed by oil, would reflect the image of a conservative and prosperous state.

Since then, another Texan family, which is very real, knows how to talk about this by giving the United States two presidents: Bush. Politics in Texas is not far off, Cropping with major current issues of the country. Its latest law restricting access to immigration or abortion continues to be at the center of the news.

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