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Novak Djokovic Will he defend his title? Melbourne Next season? The discrepancies seemed to be thinned out by various announcements over the past few weeks. As reported by the Australian media Age A few weeks ago, vaccination duty was specified for soldiers during the 2022 editionOpen Australia. The rules are said to have changed, and the WTA sent a message to the Veterans Council. “Clarify recently published misinformation and misinformation Players will be forced to play in next year’s Australian Open. ”Unvaccinated players will be allowed to play in the tournament but will have to go through an isolated box, while those who have been vaccinated will only have to submit a negative test once they arrive in the region.

Novak Djokovic, winner of the Australian Open 2021

WTA email leaked to Players Council

The content of the email was reported Game World : “We have been in constant contact with the Tennis Australian team for the past few months and they shared with us some good news during our players council call last Friday. The conditions of the players at the Australian Open are guaranteed to improve significantly“The State of Victoria is approaching the 90% vaccination rate.

“Details will be finalized soon”

Minister of State for Sports, Victoria Martin Bagula Spoke for the radio Melbourne 3AW: “We are confident that the Australian Open can be held as close as possible to pre-epidemic conditions. Details will be finalized soon so all players will know what the requirements are so those who are not vaccinated can get the shot. If foreigners who have not been vaccinated are allowed into Australia, then under any circumstances, we are still working with Tennis Australia and the Commonwealth.

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