Reconstructed U.S. military camp in Île-de-Ré and soon a picture

Avant de défiler dans les rues de Rivedoux-Plage, les passionnés de reconstitution ont levé les couleurs américaines.

Your courage is needed, especially when you think of all these young men who died for the liberation of France“Jean-Franசois was impressed The U.S. military base was reorganized. This is the goal of the Franசois Guybert and Historian Memoir Fashion Association, based on the Nord: “We want to show how it was and how they lived“.

A film shoot on le-de-Ré

But this camp was not accidental the day before, An American film crew scout came : “We need to show the vehicles we have and all the equipment that can be placed on the beach“. With a single goal, it is possible Shoot movie scenes in scenesle-de-Ré, In Riveoux-Plage. Since filming will begin in the spring of 2022, the Americans were determined. The beaches of L-D-R actually resemble those of Normandy, Where US troops landed. “We have shown that there is no need to go to movie studios in the US and it will take over here“Franுவாois is proud and eager to know which activists will additionally participate.

March on the streets of Rivatox-Blaze

This weekend was an opportunity for activists to live a few days.We sleep in tents, in the old fashioned way, without rain it is in the basinSylvie laughs, and he often participates in rebuilding military camps.

After hoisting the American flag, volunteers and collectors marched through the streets of Rivadox-Plague with their military vehicles. American angel Sounded again and again: “We love it when it makes noiseFranசois looks at the head of the procession and smiles.

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