French fishermen “terrify” progress with London

French fishermen "terrify" progress with London

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The National Fisheries Commission on Saturday criticized London’s slow progress in issuing fishing licenses in British waters after Brexit. On behalf of the French fishermen, the organization warned that the fight would “soon end in a change of mood”.

French fishermen are impatient. They feel the progress with Britain Issuance of fishing licenses in British waters after Brexit The National Fisheries Commission (CNPMEM) said after a video conference with Maritime Minister Annik Girard on Saturday that it was “too shy”, which could lead to “mood swings”.

“Negotiations that resumed last Wednesday led to the granting of a few additional licenses at this point.

This video conference was to inform the French fishermen about the progress of the negotiations held by the European Commission with the British authorities.

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France accuses London of not respecting agreements concluded within the framework of Britain’s exit from the EU, imposing new conditions on the licensing of European fishermen in British waters. .

CNPMEM warns that in the absence of a “satisfactory epilogue” quickly, the fight will “not be long before it ends in a change of mood.”

A new meeting on Monday

Britain has set a deadline of October 30 to issue its licenses, according to the French government, which has threatened to retaliate in areas such as energy, ports and customs.

According to CNPMEM, Prime Minister Jean Costex will chair a meeting on Tuesday entitled “French Strategy Will Be Refined”.

Representatives of the European Commission and the British government will meet again on Monday, said Olivier Leprodre, chairman of the Hots-de-France Regional Marine Fisheries Committee.

“We need clear answers by the end of the month to make it clear to the fishermen. The technical work will continue in the coming days, in a forced march,” he said, promising “the government will not give up.”

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