VTC: Lift lists more than 4,000 sexual assaults

VTC: Lift lists more than 4,000 sexual assaults

Lift, an American-driven car booking company and Uber’s main competitor, released its first safety report on October 22nd.

Conclusion: Between 2017 and 2019, at least 4,000 sexual assaults by drivers on customers were recorded on the platform. Probably because too much It can sometimes take months or even years for a survivor to appearThe company agreed.

By Sexual assaultLift asks: Kissing, touching, penetrating and attempting penetration without consent. 1,807 acts of this type were recorded in 2019. This corresponds to a 44% increase compared to 2018, which explains the elevator with an increase in the number of customers and therefore trips. The California-based company registered four million additional users a year.

There is a real person and real experience behind every statementSaid Jennifer Brandenburger, director of research and development policy at the elevator. Our goal is to make every trip as safe as possible.

User pressure

The elevator’s report was expected in the corner. Like its rival Uber, Lift is involved in a number of legal activities in the United States. Customers blame these sites for not having enough tools to protect them.

Already two years ago, Uber’s report on more than 6,000 sexual assaults in 2017 and 2018 was released. Thousands of people testified on social media under #UberC’estOver.

Compared to the number of trips made (178.4 million per lift at the end of 2018, since created in 2012), the number of sexual assaults may seem normal. But it does not count unreported victims. “MEven a statement can be more than one, Uber agreed at the end of 2019. Both sites are committed to being transparent on these issues.

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