Viral test: The fist you choose will reveal something hidden about your personality

Viral test: The fist you choose will reveal something hidden about your personality
They are also called psychological tests (Francesco Ciccolella / The New York Times)

A Test virus A fun challenge that can be found on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram And we can discover elements of our personality that we do not know or that we do not realize. They were also known as Psychological tests And they can be very different: mental agility, the way you understand something or feel a picture, they allow you to be distracted from everyday life in a few seconds and discover something new. Are you ready?

This challenge is very easy and that is all you need to do Quickly choose one of three options. You can see it in the following image With three hands clenched fistsHowever, when we pay a little more attention to them, we can see that the form is different.

All you have to do is simply choose what you want These hands identify you How is the movement you make when you close your fist. We give you a few seconds to choose your option. Do not forget to pay attention and Be very honest in your responseOtherwise it may not work.

There are escape movements or features (Photo: Do ​​not stop YT)
There are escape movements or features (Photo: Do ​​not stop YT)

Now that you have identified your way to close your hand, you can proceed to discover the hidden aspects of your personality. For this, we need to explore how we were taught from an early age how to do things according to the environment in which we live.

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However, according to the YouTube channel Do not stop (Who made this test viral?) We have our own movements or characteristics to escape from this It can reveal something you already know deeply. So let’s get started.

1. If you have selected this numberSince the thumb has all the fingers, you can consider yourself one Creative. Many around you are likely to emphasize this quality of yours.

In addition, Your ingenuity and empathy They are two elements that stand in your way, but this sensitivity makes you feel all the emotions and those close to you often say that it can change.

As for the most specific aspects of personality, there will be more people choosing this fist Quietly, they seek to avoid conflict They are ready to support when needed.

The way you clench your fists reveals personality traits
The way you clench your fists reveals personality traits

2. If this is your chosen fist, you might as well say so Clever, generous and kind. Those who want this hand tend to seek justice, be attentive and try to be flexible with those around them.

However, sometimes you may be Be a little worried And often there will be fear. In one of these persistent worries, you may be hurt by your loved ones hurting you or showing that someone is hurting you.

The things that make you happy are that the people you love are affectionate with you and are ready to support you when you face some difficulties, but despite high expectations, sometimes you can easily be disappointed when nothing happens as you would like.

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3. If this is your choice, you need to know it Your two characteristic features are imagination and intuitionSo, people consider you very generous. However, something you usually hide from others is true Insecurity will not allow you to be left out Of your choice.

There are Analyst, interested, But you can become impatient. In addition, you have a better sense of humor, and they make you feel like an intrinsic leader.

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