The store sold contaminated milk! Did you buy it too?

The store sold contaminated milk!  Did you buy it too?

According to the company, the pollution was caused by a technical glitch in one of the production facilities. “Pollution is not widespread and massive, but milk can spoil even if stored in the right storage conditions, so we do not recommend it for consumption.” The company said.

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You can identify contaminated milk without the usual taste and smell. In those who are sensitive, milk intake can cause digestive problems. For example, Little is already recalling three types of Bylos milk made by Olma for the brand from stores. Milk was also available at the counters of Albert stores.

Pilos fresh milk 1.5% 1 liter, Pilos fresh milk 3.5% 1 liter and Pilos Bio fresh milk 1 liter with expiration date 26-30 October 2021. This only applies to milk in PET bottles, not cardboard boxes.

“If you have purchased a particular item, you can return it to any store, and your money will be refunded. The need to present the treasury volume The string represents Little. As with the e-mail address, Paul can be requested directly from Olma [email protected]

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