“No joke,” warns Michael Hooper before Japan-Australia

Michael Hooper (à droite) face à l

The Australian captain mobilized his forces ahead of the Test match against Japan on Saturday.

Wallabies captain Michael Hooper warned his teammates on Friday that it would not be questionable to take Japan lightly ahead of the Test match against cherry blossoms in Oita:No humor, eHe said Australia would face their fifth consecutive victory.

It is important to continue to progress», Declared the player to the Australian Agency as 115 caps Aam Aadmi.

After dominating the South African Rugby Championships with world champions (28-26 then 30-17) and Argentina (32-17 and 27-8), the Wallabies are expected to pass the five-man table before heading to Europe, where they will challenge Scotland (November 7). , England (November 13) and Wales (November 20).

To succeed we need to focus on what we need to do to defeat them.The 30-year-old Australian was added to the third line-up of the Japanese Toyota Verbilitz team this year after wearing the NSW Vardas jersey.

They play at high speeds. They want the ball to be played all the time and they try to run a lot“, He announced.”They have the best profiles, a mobile team. Neutralizing this speed and going into areas that are not comfortable for them can be a real challenge.“, Hooper re-analyzed.

But no fun: the Japanese are a solid team, with dangerous players at all levels», He began.

The last clash between the Wallabies and the Cherry Blossoms began in November 2017, and was then heavily imposed by the Australians (63-30).

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