Covid-19: U.S. Apple employees should be tested at least once a week

Covid-19: U.S. Apple employees should be tested at least once a week

Apple should ask its unvaccinated U.S. employees to be checked daily for access to offices, reports Bloomberg. Those who have already been vaccinated against Covid 19 should take a quick test on a weekly basis. For those who have not yet announced the status of the vaccine, they should make a decision before Monday after a delay of several weeks.

Aerial view of Apple Park. Picture Daniel L. Lu, (CC BY-SA 4.0)

In the U.S. Apple stores, this is different: those who are not vaccinated should only be tested twice a week and vaccinated once. To do so, employees may retrieve self-tests at the store or office. The manipulation takes 15 minutes and its results must be shared through the internal application.

The U.S. government recently demanded that companies with more than 100 employees require weekly testing for vaccinated or non-vaccinated people, while new guidelines are expected to be released soon. On the Apple side, these measures will take effect on November 1st.

If Apple has not been vaccinated yet, this tolerance may be short-lived. Biden management has demanded that all employees of its federal providers be vaccinated December 8. Apple is concerned about delivering its products to the government through a dedicated sales channel.

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