Charging Accelerator and Battery Safety App from Google Play Store for Android

There is no doubt that all smartphone users, especially those using the Google Play Store and Apple Store for Android, are looking for useful mobile applications that will enhance performance and at the same time protect the phone from consumption. The most important thing we all need to protect in our phones is the battery, we definitely want to speed up its charging process, while at the same time protecting it from the rapid consumption of its energy, which undoubtedly helps to protect it for a longer period of time and prolongs its lifespan.

Save Google Play Store and Battery Power for Android

Fast charging app from Google Play Store for Android

Today we will talk about a popular application used by millions of people around the world, which is an application owned by Caraponek, after downloading it from this link Charging Accelerator app for Android Of course we install it on our mobile and after opening it you can see that there are three options, each of which plays a role in saving energy and charging the battery faster, while protecting it and increasing its lifespan.

Speed ​​up charging from the Google Play Store for Android
Speed ​​up charging from the Google Play Store for Android

The first option to use the charging accelerator in the Google Play Store for Android is in normal mode, and it allows the phone battery to work in the same state as it is now, of course most users of the app will not choose this option, otherwise they would not have tried to download it to increase the battery’s performance and charge.

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Important options in acceleration charging application

As for the other two options, they are the most important, the second power saving and charging mode, which allows you to double the continuous working time without stopping your battery, i.e. one hour of normal working time, it will work for two hours after activating that mode, and this The method will significantly speed up the charging of the mobile battery.

Energy saving utility from Google Play Store for Android
Energy saving utility from Google Play Store for Android

As for the third option of using the Charging Accelerator in the Google Play Store for Android, you have to put in maximum energy savings, which brings the battery to four times its original time, which is already awesome and almost double the phones and charging speed required by all users of Android, you will notice.

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