Blizzard may have found a way to escape justice

Overwatch Blizzard

The Activision Blizzard team, which has been blindly blamed for the toxic working conditions of its employees, is looking for a way to escape justice in California. And he may have figured it out.

Activision Blizzard, the company targeted in the case of the California Department of Fair and Equal Housing, is not yet in business. The company is now trying to escape American justice after several employees exposed it about sexual harassment, toxic environment and bad habits. And surprisingly, she found a way to avoid her responsibilities.

Disqualify your main opponent

To postpone the deadline for judgment, Blizzard bets on a weighty argument: The Disqualification and Fair and Equal Housing Department of California (DFEH), his main opponent in the harassment investigation. According to the US company, DFEH cannot do it justice. More seriously, she had already used illegal means to end the case in her favor.

To understand what is going on, we need to move on to another case, this time between the Blizzard and the Equal Employment Authority (EEOC). Both companies were able to find a financial consensus on their disputes. DFEH would have intervened against the blizzard. Later, during revelations of sexual harassment, the California regulator would have made a new protocol mistake. Two of the company’s former attorneys, according to the Equal Employment Commission’s allegations Documents illegally sent from EEOC to DFEH, Thus assisting the California regulator in its investigation.

This strong argument is not in favor of the DFEH, so the EEOC’s allegations could be excluded from the investigation into the blizzard if proven to be correct. For its part, video game studio California has demanded that the investigation against the regulator – or wait until it is proven – be adjourned. In any case, the company receives a New moment of rest, To better prepare his defense for the trial or to allow for a consensus consensus.

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