Josh Donaldson wants to see Jose Altu in Cooperstown

Josh Donaldson wants to see Jose Altu in Cooperstown

Jose Aldue was fine yesterday. He scored an important homer for his team in eighth place, his 21st win in the playoffs.

He is third in history for long balls in the playoffs behind Manny Ramirez and Bernie Williams. He passed Derek Jetter and his many rooms are remarkable.

This performance caught the attention of Josh Donaldson, who is at home due to the ugly season of his twins. So, he’s like all of us, a spectator on the sidelines of the 2021 series.

And from his living room, the Rain giver Little Astros gave his opinion on the second paceman. According to him, he has earned his place in Cooperstown or in the Hall of Fame.

If Donaldson had tweeted this before the signal theft scandal, it would have been a matter of debate. But? It is impossible to consider.

In its 21 series rounds, many were obtained on the fringes of an extensive system we now all know. If I had loved that person at the time, it would not have been possible to put him in Cooperstown on the edge of the situation from 2017 to 2019. We all remember the time he wore the buzzer under the sweater, didn’t he?

The film that says it all. – Screenshot: YouTube

Did Donaldson ever forgive the guys who caused the concussion in the big league baseball? Obviously, the answer is yes.

Surprised by one of the first to condemn the sticky products used for balls in pitchers. He also created the face of Gerrit Cole (a former Astros, to be precise), sticky bullets though he was.

But right. And Aldue did not disappoint today and found a good way to recover himself by giving up some big wins in the playoffs.

Apparently like Josh Donaldson he will win fans one by one.

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