Australia is preparing to emerge from loneliness

En Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, dont Sydney est la capitale, les voyageurs vaccinés et disposant d'un test PCR négatif n'auront plus à se soumettre à une quarantaine.

Released October 19, 2021, at 8:00 p.m.Updated October 19, 2021, at 12:43 PM

Starting this Tuesday, Australians will be able to download the Covit-19 vaccine certificate with the aim of facilitating their overseas travel. Prerequisite for lifting, 1There is In November Sydney, a “travel ban”, foreigners will not be able to come to Australia, and Australians and permanent residents will be barred from leaving the country, except in exceptional circumstances, from March 2020.

But in recent weeks, the federal government and most Australian states Zero Govt dropped the strategy At the same time, the vaccination campaign progressed with great success – After a bad start . In New South Wales and Canberra, more than 80% of people over the age of 16 are now vaccinated, which should cross nationally by the end of the month, making Australia the second most populous country in Victoria.

A “boost” to the economy

As already announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison a few weeks ago, Dominic Barrott, the new leader of New South Wales, has promised that all people will be vaccinated this weekend, and C.C. Welcome from 1There is No need to go to November and the isolated period anymore.

“We cannot continue to live in a monastic kingdom. Re-welcoming vaccinated travelers does not just mean reuniting family and friends for Christmas, it will give A real boost to our economy The 39-year-old leader explained Friday.

His services a few days ago put pressure on the federal government to open the doors of the country to immigrants, estimating that two million would have to be brought in over the next five years to address the shortage. Increases with infection.

No date for workers and tourists

But those announcements were showered by Scott Morrison a few hours later, saying so far the reopening of borders would only affect Australians, permanent residents and their close families. Next are skilled workers and foreign students. But for them, as for ordinary tourists, the date has not yet been announced.

In addition, only New South Wales has announced the elimination of segregation for immigrants. Queensland, where Brisbane is located, will take such action only when 90% of its population is vaccinated. As for Western Australia, it will be closed until next year to the dismay of Qantas, which operates a single direct flight between Europe and Australia between Perth and London.

Number of new cases registered in New Zealand

Like Australia, New Zealand has recently abandoned its “Zero Govt” strategy in the wake of the spread of the delta variant. The number of new cases is now increasing, albeit temporarily in a population of 5 million: 94 new cases on Tuesday, more than the previous record of 89 contaminants in April 2020.

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