Pakistan bans Chinese company; Pak bans Chinese company due to forged documents Chinese company bans issuance of fake documents in Pakistan; The power crisis in the country will increase

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Islamabad11 hours ago

Loss of power transmission in Pakistan is up to 30%. (Index)

The National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) in Pakistan has banned a Chinese company from issuing fake documents to win tenders. Now this company cannot participate in any tender or bidding process in future. On the other hand, after this new case related to electricity came to the fore, the power crisis in the country has started to show signs of deepening. Apart from this, there could be tension in relations between the two countries.

Use of forged documents
Dawn News quoted government sources as saying that the Chinese company had forged documents to obtain NDTC’s contract, bribed officials and conspired to open a tender in its favor. During its leaked investigation, it was discovered that the Chinese company had tried to obtain the contract on the basis of forged papers. Following this, the power division of the Ministry of Energy under the authority of the Imran government pulled the Chinese company out of the tender process and issued orders for a new auction.

The company is now blacklisted
The general manager of NTDC said – we have blacklisted the Chinese company. In the future, it will not participate in any tender process of NTDC. Currently, the ban is for one month. In the meantime, the investigation process will continue. We can always ban this company.

The Chinese company participated in the auction to expand to four regions of Pakistan. These projects are worth crores of rupees and in the future they should be brought to the entire Punjab province. Therefore, these projects are very important.

Tensions between the two countries will increase
This move by Pakistan may increase China‚Äôs dissatisfaction and take some action against the Pakistani government. About two months ago, nine Chinese engineers were killed in a dam project built under the CPAC, after which China demanded $ 48 million in compensation from Pakistan. In the future, China has said it will only begin work on these projects when China guarantees in writing the safety of its employees. The Pakistani government has not yet taken any action on China’s request.

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