News | Australia: Vaccine for cholera eradicated by Chlamydia

News |  Australia: Vaccine for cholera eradicated by Chlamydia

The cola creature that lives exclusively in Australia is endangered and is the target of many threats. Then Fire fire Eucalyptus forests, in their natural habitat, in 2019 and 2020, colas will fall victim not only to males, but also to the sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia. In three years, that is 30% of the cola population The Australian Cola Foundation says it has disappeared.

According to Amber Gillette, veterinarian at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and research coordinator at Sunshine Coast University. “It’s a terrible disease that causes debilitating conjunctivitis, urinary tract infections and sometimes infertility.”. According to researchers, the disease can spread from mother to newborn and cause blindness. This is detrimental to the reproduction of marsupials, which have already been greatly reduced by wildfires.

To combat the disease, which affects half of the Cola population, a vaccine test was launched last Friday. Bacterial disease, which can be treated in humans with antibiotics, is the most complex of the colas to cure. The administration of antibiotics in his animals actually causes more harmful side effects.

The team of researchers will vaccinate 400 colas with a single dose, which will be microchip fitted before they are released into the wild.

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