Kim Jong Un’s impatience and anxiety have been seen in a series of political events. JBpress

Kim Jong Un's impatience and anxiety have been seen in a series of political events.  JBpress

Arms development that wastes national spending and earning foreign currency is a difficult task and it is just a mound.

2021.10.17 (Sun)
Jin Jingwang


To be continued

North Korea wants to link arms development with foreign currency acquisition … (Photo: AP / Afro)

Major political events such as the National Day of the People’s Republic of China, the National Day of the People’s Republic of China, the National Day of the People’s Republic of China and the National Security Promotion Exhibition “Self-Defense-2021” are held one after the other, an exhibition of the latest weapons. In particular, the National Security Promotion Exhibition that Secretary-General Kim Jong Un appeared in is of great importance to Secretary-General Kim Jong Un.

Why is Secretary-General Kim Jong Un, also known as Historian Personality Disorder, having this kind of political activism? Kim Gomitsu, a representative of the Solidarity of North Korean Exiles and NK Intellectuals, analyzes.

Mr. Past essays by Kim GomitsuHerePlease see (

(Kim Hising Kwang: Representative of the NK Intellectual People’s Association, North Korea withdraws)

Recently, North Korea has been full of programs for political performance. A special commemorative speech commemorating the 76th anniversary of the founding of the Korean Workers’ Party, in which Secretary-General Kim Jong Un appears in person, and the National Security Development Exhibition “Self-Defense-2021”, showcasing the first state – modern weapons placed in North Korea.

On September 9, the National Day of the People’s Republic of Korea, the anniversary of the founding of North Korea, the ball and thousands of greeting guns were thrown by Pyongyang citizens following a public and security weapons parade that began at midnight. ..

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This also applies to the various North Korean political events that took place from September to October, but looking at the defense exhibition that took place a few days ago, the appearance of Secretary-General Kim Jong Un, who had hitherto been hidden, began with the appearance of a fully structured play on the female leader.

Why did Secretary-General Kim Jong Un suddenly appear and send such a show to the world? What makes Secretary-General Kim Jong Un more interested in politics these days? I am very worried.

In 2020, Dr. Lee Hyun-jong, Institute for Far East Studies, Jeongnam University, South Korea, wrote that “Kim Jong Un’s personality and temperament have risen in a chronological study of Kim Jong Un’s psychological analysis in North Korea. And dangerous. They are avoidance (low), social sensitivity (high) and patience (high), and finally, they exhibit an HLH: emotional-historical (emotional / acting) mood. There are many analyzes by world-class scholars.

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