“Halloween Kills” tops the North American box office

"Halloween Kills" tops the North American box office

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Halloween is coming soon and it’s a North American box office hit this weekend. .

Prior to “Noise 2” (47.5 million), it was the best performance when a horror film was released during the epidemics. Although the film was released simultaneously on the Peacock streaming platform.

“Halloween Kills”, the sequel to “Halloween” 2018, once again stars Jamie Lee Curtis as Larry Strode to Nick Castle (the scary Michael Myers).

Second at the box office, much lower than last week, the latest James Bond, “Die Can Weight” 24.3 million. This is Daniel Greek’s final appearance in the story of a famous British spy.

“Venom: Let There Per Carnage” is in third place with 16.5 million. Tom Hardy plays intelligence journalist Eddie Brock, whose cooperative bond with an alien named Venom gives him superpowers.

In fourth place, we see “The Adams Family 2” raising $ 7.2 million.

And fifth, “The Last Duel” by Ridley Scott with $ 4.8 million. The film stars Matt Damon, Adam Driver and Ben Affleck in 14th century France.

The rest of the top 10 places are here:

“Legend of Shang-C and the Ten Rings” (3.5 million)

“Free Hand” ($ 680,000)

“Lamb” ($ 543,000)

“Candyman” ($ 460,000)

“Sir Evan Hanson” (410.000)

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