Clubs will (finally) pay to accommodate players in the minors

Clubs will (finally) pay to accommodate players in the minors

For a long time, it was known that underage players were poorly accommodated. Comrades have to share apartments for accommodation and they have to eat rice regularly because of the value for money.

For a long time, minor players have been asking for a better salary for eating and staying in a more decent manner.

According to Jeff Bason, the MLP asked.

From 2022, only teams will take care of their confidence. Young people no longer have to pay to stay in a city they do not know. It is not yet clear whether they will take care of providing housing for the comrades or will only pay for housing.

When the guys graduate, it won’t be obvious that they will spend their lease or turn everything upside down (the best of all worlds possible) to find something. In fact, clubs know how much accommodation a city needs, and when one player arrives, usually another will come.

They can put more money into food, i.e. … the basis of Maslow’s pyramid.

Thirty teams voted in favor of the project, which has not yet been fully finalized.

In the MLB world, this is not enough yet, but everyone agrees that it is a good start and initiative is best. After all, minors had to live in difficult circumstances to tell.

It costs less than a million dollars a year for a company.

By 2021, more and more young people will be exposed to the difficult situations in which they operate. This helped to put pressure on the MLB.

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