British actor Michael Caine ends his life at the age of 88

British actor Michael Caine ends his life at the age of 88

British actor Michael Cain has decided to end his career after more than 60 years and two Oscars. He announced on Saturday at the BBC on Saturday the film “Best Sellers”, which was released in American and Canadian theaters last month. The 88-year-old artist mainly points out health reasons.

“I have some problems with my spine, which pulls me into my legs, which prevents me from running well,” he said. However, the actor did not leave the public scene entirely. “I’ve written many successful books. I no longer see myself as an actor, but as a writer,” he said, adding that this change is pleasant because as an actor, you have to get up at dawn and join the studio so the writer can start his day without leaving his bed.

At Christopher Nolan’s will, Michael Caine would make the exception of playing a minor role for three or four minutes at his leisure. For the British-American director, he starred in “Dunkirk” in 2017 and Denet in 2020. Among the “best sellers”, the octogenarian actor plays a rude writer who goes on tour against the heart. (Belka / Belka)

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