Texas, a reactionary American laboratory

Texas, a reactionary American laboratory

Economically and demographically, Texas predicts the future of the United States, but its ultra-conservative policies are frightening, this Texan education examines New York Times.

De Austin (Texas) – Is California “America on the Fast Trail”, We often hear people say that. A maximum of progressives proudly echo their own, the Conservatives cover it up with worrying quotes.

But if one is really looking for a barometer that can provide an overview of our country’s economic future, its development machinery and long-term political error lines, it’s not Texas, it’s California.

Fear of the future

This is really evident from the 2020 census and the economic data of the last twenty years: more Americans are settling in big cities; Even faster urbanization process in Texas than in California. What if we ask a lot of opinions about where our political life will turn when America becomes a nation? “Where minorities make up the majority”, Texas, like California, has already reached this demographic horizon. Its current political orientation is a good indicator of the difficulties facing the country as a whole.

The thought of taking the example of Texas as an omen of the national future frightens many leftists and moderates, preventing them from accessing the votes of Texan Republican citizens. And the right of women to abortion. But its new laws would allow the carrying of firearms in public and without a license and would prevent the wearing of a mask and compulsory vaccination by its Republican governor, Greg Abbott.

But given the changes in Texas’ population, economy, and urban geography, it is reasonable to think that its conservative lawmakers are still afraid of what the future holds. They are also very scared and keep throwing sand grains in the nests of this growth machine.

More dense and diverse cities

Here is what you need to understand about Texas: First, it is a growing state. It had a population of 4.2 million and a population of 4 million between 2000 and 2010


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