LQ1 / Clermont – LOSC: Timothy Weh (Lilly), an American Joker who guided the Mastiffs’ attack

LQ1 / Clermont - LOSC: Timothy Weh (Lilly), an American Joker who guided the Mastiffs' attack

There should be a big name at the center of the LOSC attack on Clermont. With the suspension of Turkish player Burak Yilmas and the retirement of Lily attacking man Jonathan David in great demand with Canada, US Timothy Weh could get a chance to point out the end of the nose on Saturday.

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George Via’s son has not scored yet this season. But little by little, he imposes his presence in the workplace: he played seven in the first nine days of League 1, and his absence of two was due to a thigh injury. He has aided David in the last two LOSC games, finishing with victories against Strasbourg (2-1) and Marcello (2-0), which proved a promising North American deal.

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Like David, who played a key role in Canada’s good results in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, Wee, 21, played in three matches, including one against Costa Rica (2-1) on Wednesday night. But he played less than the Canadian and since David returned from Canada on Friday, Lily will be one of the team’s assets on the verge.

Clermont weakness

We’ll see how he recovers until we know how he feels … He made two appearances as a starter and as a substitute, and he doesn’t have big game time like ‘Jonah’“, Explained coach Jocelyn Corwennek, whose team has three consecutive wins, allowing itself to change position (second 8 to 4 points).

David, who has scored five of his six league goals in the last three games and is the highest scorer in the North, has in fact played in almost three games by choice. “When a player is very tired, we manage him well. We are focused“, A 21-year-old technician underlined his young Canadian striker.

Jonathan David again distinguished himself on the 9th day of League 1 with a double against Marseille (2-0).

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Weh had a very interesting start to the season when he was lifted off the pitch for three weeks at the end of the summer. He is very talented, whether he starts or enters during an impact. The weakness of the Clermont defense, which has conceded fifteen goals in the last five games (earning two starvation points), could help its mission.

“Lots of excitement”

He brings a lot of vitality, he is a very lively guy, his energy communication, Gourvennec said. He had a month there, where he was injured, but he came in well. He is a boy who is still young, he is 21 years old and should not be forgotten. “”His qualities, his profile and his personality are very important to the team. He is very energetic and very attentive. He brings his desire, he has a lot, he has a lot of enthusiasm, and when it comes to communication, it is good for the team“, Said the northern coach.

Corvennek, who lost to Mozambique left-back Rainillo (suspended) on the promoted Clermont lawn, had to resuscitate Youssef Yassi for several weeks and watched his playing time melt as he straightened the Los Bar. Slightly used in the Turkish selection, the versatile attacking midfielder, who had to evolve into an attack in 4-4-2, had to take advantage of his opportunity under penalty to be sidelined while the table was still busy. The next international break is two Champions League matches against Sevilla and a dangerous trip to the Paris SG turf, the leader of League 1.

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