Impressive HD and color clips of the Wild Chamberline surface!

Les deux légendes NBA Wilt Chamberlain et Bill Russell lors d’un match opposant les Philadelphia 76ers aux Boston Celtics

While it is believed that there is no such treasure, the excellent quality and colorful images of the Wild Chamberlain have recently ignited social networks. To the extent that the visual attraction depends on the reputation of Big Tipper …

Wild Chamberlain, known for his incredible status, his extraordinary state lines and his unparalleled statistical dominance in NBA history, is the undeniable legend of his game. But here it is: “The Stilt” began its career in the 1950s, shone in the 1960s, and video clips of his exploits were scarce.

Of course, when you look at YouTube, it is not difficult to see him working in black and white videos where his athleticism and touch of the ball are evident. But more recently, the situation has changed: images in Wild color are now available to anyone.

Colorful images of the Wild Chamberlain keep people on Twitter speechless

Without further ado, we invite you to discover Big Tipper’s most hypnotizing video in color and high definition:

I never thought I would watch Wild in HD all my life …

Beyond pure aesthetics and visual pleasures, we find that Chamberlain is not only a stereotypical great man, but also an artist of the orange ball, who was able to simply block a shot with the board. Some internet users, while looking at these pictures, have drawn parallel with Tim Duncan.

As a reminder, WIlt captured the NBA between 1958 and 1973 — he won 2 champion rings, 13 All-Star hats, 4 MVP titles, 10 All-NBA teams, 7 top-scoring titles and the top 10 titles he played for. When withdrawing the jersey. Less to say his CV is dizzying.

Big Tipper’s weakness, because it requires something, may lie in his statements or his behavior, which are not always to blame. Shaquille O’Neal or Bill Russell mentioned what he was criticizing when he did not say so. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar showed up for the most brutal behavior

Tonight you will go to bed watching clips for the first time in all the highlights of the Wild Chamberlain, in HD and color. For that matter, he was so cute this weekend, wasn’t he?

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