A policeman stops a passerby to see if he has coffee in his cup (video) – RT in French

A policeman stops a passerby to see if he has coffee in his cup (video) - RT in French

Dictatorship slip? Curious to make sure a passerby with an empty cup in Melbourne Park did not walk in so as not to wear a mask, the police came to check … whether there was really liquid in it.

The use of harsh measures to deal with the cove creates fragrant conditions Always more dystopian In Australia. For example, in a video recently posted on social media – but its exact date is currently unknown – police briefly arrested a man who was walking through a park in Melbourne.

Is it a crime for the police to suspect him? Walking with an empty coffee cup so you don’t have to wear a mask. “Would you care if I checked to see if there really was anything?” Before a policeman grabs the cup and shakes it, he comes near and asks. “Enjoy your coffee!”, Finally announcing to the police officer after mentioning that it contains liquid.

“Jesus loves you all. May God bless you. I will pray for all of you,” the man replied.

Significantly Retweeted Former Australian Senator David Leongelmell said the video had provoked widespread reactions online, with a majority of Netizens condemning the ridiculous and intimidating situation.

Asked the media News.com.au, Victoria State Police (which includes part of Melbourne) did not want to mention the police’s instructions regarding wearing a mask. A police spokesman added, “We did not make the rules. The rules are available Site Web of the Ministry of Health […]. I cannot comment on every incident. Each incident will be determined on the basis of its merit.

We can read on the Ministry of Health website: “Wearing a mask is not mandatory in some situations, especially: […] A person consumes food, non-alcoholic beverages or medicine.

Australia has been pursuing a “zero Govt” strategy since the beginning of the health crisis. Strict measures restricting freedom, Among the most severe – if not the most severe – in the world. But their application is also being discussed within the police.

Sergeant Crystal Mitchell resigns after 16 years in Victoria State Police Interview Exploding: “All of my friends who are police officers suffer from using the majority – or of course the majority – of the rules every day, don’t believe it and don’t want to apply.”

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