The former Adelaide F1 circuit was saved from destruction

The former Adelaide F1 circuit was saved from destruction

The remnants of the Adelaide circuit that hosted the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix from 1985 to 1995 have been saved from possible destruction by local authorities.

Long agoAlbert Park de Melbourne, 2022 is set back to the F1 calendar, l ‘Australia The first lane welcomes the Discipline-Queen, and is located in a semi-urban and a park (Victoria): Adelaide. For a decade, 1985 to 95, Long round 3.780 km Served as the highlight of the World Championship. Of the famous names, only two have had two successes in imposing themselves: Gerhard Berger (1987, 1992) and Ayrton Senna (1991, 1993).

The remains of the round are in danger of extinction

After F1 departure to state Victoria in 1996Adelaide vibrated but continued to the rhythm Super car Australian Created since 1999 and will become one of its major eventsAdelaide 500. The race will last until it competes in the short variation of the old F1 circuit 2020 Before collapsing.

Today, Remnants of the path Conducted at one time Formula 1 Are in the center Sling A section of the local elected authorities. They argue that there should be an unused circuit now Shaved To give space More trees And lush areas. A request came against this week’s council meeting with the consent of another section of elected officials Sanctifier Round partAdelaide’s cultural heritage.

Adelaide saved … for now

“Everyone knows that the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix put Adelaide on the world map in many ways.” One of the city councilors behind the project, Mr. Alexander HydeIn the comments taken This is especially important for people in Adelaide and South Australia. “

At the end of the session, A referendum was held on two motions. First, inConsensus Consultants, supportExtension of the green zone In Victoria Park, the old roundabout is thus destroyed. The other, just passed A vote in favor, Suggests that it should be listed as round Local Heritage Monument. So the rest of this mythical round is preserved for now How long ?

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