In the eye of Quebec Inc.: A Quebec company goes into the hands of Americans

In the eye of Quebec Inc.: A Quebec company goes into the hands of Americans

Each week, we provide an overview of internal transactions, investment in local companies and news of listed companies.

Burgundy will be integrated into the Chicago Institute

The Quebec marketing agency Berkuto goes into the hands of a Chicago-based margin. Founded in 2013 by Alexandre Pelletier and Youssef Payat, Bergudo counts Facebook, Adobe and Sony among its customers. With its own marketing campaign optimization tools, Burgoto employs about fifty people in Montreal, USA and Europe.

The route raises $ 1.6 million

Pathway Medical, a young Quebec company, raised $ 1.6 million as part of a fundraising round, co-founded by Serif Habib, CEO of Mount Desra Capital, Montreal, and Formentera Capital, Telemedicine’s CEO. Pathway offers an application that divides multiple scientific studies and allows clinicians to quickly find answers to their medical questions.

He buys Highvision

Mahmoud J, Head of Technology and Product Development at Highvision. Al-Daqak bought nearly $ 250,000 worth of Montreal-based company shares in the second half of September. Highvision’s share fell 34% from its IPO in December 2020.

Inovia seduces Blackrock

Inovia, a Montreal-based venture capital firm, has named US firm BlackRock as an investor in its new US $ 334 million (CA $ 414 million) fund. Funds raised from BlackRock and four other investment firms will continue to support young companies including AppDirect, TrackTik and AlayaCare in Inovia’s portfolio.

A new partner in syntax

Funded by Goldman Sachs, an American company in Syntax Systems, a Quebec IT company founded in 1972. Novacab, a pro-based investment firm, will sell a stake in Syntax but remain a shareholder. The company has more than 1,750 employees and 16 offices in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, India and China.

Still good profit at Lightspeed

Linkedin screen shot

Lightspeed Finance Vice President, Asha BakshaniIn early September, Montreal Techno made a profit of over $ 860,000 using options to buy shares. Jean-David Saint-Martin, senior vice president of global sales, raised about $ 550,000 in the same way. Lightspeed’s stock touched a new high at the end of September, but then plummeted.

He sells taxis

At the end of September, David Breton, Managing Director of Texis Board of Directors, sold about $ 3.9 million worth of shares in Montreal IT, a company that specializes in healthcare. The stock has risen more than 30% in the last six months.

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