Analysis: Astros vs. Red Sox

Analysis: Astros vs. Red Sox

The Houston Astros have teamed up with the Atlanta Braves (1995-99) and Auckland A (1971-75) to form the Championship Series for five consecutive years since 1969. For this occasion, they will have the stunning Boston Red Sox as their opponent.

The last post-season playoff fight came in 2018, with Boston winning five games before finally winning the World Series. In seven regular season games against each other, Houston has scored 42 points against 25 times, with an additional five wins.

Like the Boss Rouges, the Astros were underestimated at the start of the season. Prior to this campaign both teams had the same question mark and their number was on the mat. But now they have seen four wins from the World Series.

Without further ado, here is an analysis of the forces playing in this series.


Losing Lance McCullers Jr. could hurt the Astros, especially as Zach Greenke had all sorts of problems including injuries late in the season. His absence will bring the skill level of Houston’s pitch staff closer to the Red Sox. The origins of Louis Garcia and Framber Valdes need to be accelerated, despite the depth of Matt Astros.

On the Boston side, Chris Saleh will start the first meeting, although he has had trouble recently. Nathan Evolti is expected to follow him in Game Two. The Boston Pitchers hit 1,527 batters in 2021 and finished fifth in the MLB. On the other hand, they allowed more balls than any other team that made the playoffs (77 more than the Saint-Louis cards and 113 more than the White Sox).

Relief envelope

The Red Sox saved in fifth place (49) but allowed the third highest number of wins (1,409). Rookie right-handed Tanner Hugh probably saved Boston’s season against the Rays. Leaving the block facing Astros he can do it again.

Houston’s relief bar had a roller-coaster season, including the handing over of the Kendall Groveman and the point at which employees had to go on contract. Ryan Presley did not put many runners on the track, which should continue against the pass rous.

Starting sequence

The Red Sox have 24 points from their three wins over the Tampa Bay Rays, while the Astros have 25 points from three wins over the Chicago White Sox. Both teams finished second and third in the 2021 Power Average and OBS, respectively.

Astros’ attack, communication-centric, is interesting. We must not forget that Carlos Correa, the star player, is sometimes in sixth place. You can call it depth. In addition, there are only four players on the Texan list who do not have playoff experience.

Bench depth

This leave would probably have brought a lot of benefits to Jedi Martinez, though not 100%. This will definitely affect the depth of the socks which is not deep. Kevin Blavecki, Danny Santana and Travis Shaw cannot change the course of a game.

At Astros, Sauce McCormick is a luxury that comes off the bench in Ausfield, not to mention Jose Siri and his .956 OPS. In the infield, Aletmis Diaz can play anywhere and come up against the left hand pitcher at the right time.


Everyone is talking about Alex Cora facing the Astros, but let’s not forget that Dusty Baker could return to the World Series, which will improve his chances of making the Hall of Fame, even if he doesn’t.

Kora knows how to win, and he has proven it in the past. It looks like he will use his relief starts against radiation and as he did in 2018. On Baker’s side, dealing with his thugs has always been controversial. Losing his ticket will not help. 72-year-old manager.


It is necessary to monitor the health of Jake Meyer, who was forced to leave Game No. 4 against the White Sox after he injured his left shoulder. He is an important asset to attack and defense in the central field.

As Astros released the fifth best record at home MLB and appeared as a different club at Minute Maid Park, home advantage can also make a difference. If the Red Sox have a win in Houston, the 2-3-2 format will benefit them.

Regardless, this is an unexpected series, but it should bang our bucks a lot!

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