“I ask myself the moving question”

"I ask myself the moving question"

From Saturday to Sunday night, Clara got drunk at Lille with several friends and returned from the evening at 2:30 p.m. She got off her bike and dropped off a friend who lives 1 minute 30 minutes from her home. “Normally, I’m always with you, but I’m not there …”, he tells a 21 – year – old girl to our co – workers at La Voix du Nord.

At her doorstep, she sees two men who are drunk. “I kindly asked them to go home,” he continues. There she fell heavily on her nose. “A souvenir potato. I did not see her coming because I did not see her. I was immediately stunned.” She gets a second blow in the eye. “Her friend was telling her ‘Stop, she will call the police’. Then he turned to me and said, ‘Sorry, he’s not usually like that.’ “

She lay on the ground for several minutes, still shocked by the events. A group of women who come to her aid thinking she is uncomfortable.

This Wednesday, Clara filed a complaint, but she knew it would not lead to anything. “No witness, no camera, I can’t identify them. The young woman still recorded her Testimonial on Twitter But it didn’t work. Since then, the young woman has been afraid to go home. “Even in the daytime. I wonder about moving.”

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