How to replace WhatsApp icon with Halloween colors?

How to replace WhatsApp icon with Halloween colors?

Undoubtedly, Share It is the most used instant messaging application in the world and thanks to the various options offered by its users, they have different resources to interact with others. Not only does the platform allow you to send text messages, it is possible Share voice messages, video, photos, documents and calls or video calls.

Although the application provides Wide range of alternatives For Establish communicationsIts many users feel this site Does not offer the same possibilities to customize the look of the app On their phones when there is a special date

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Due to this situation, other methods that allow WhatsApp to change the look of its users will often appear. In fact, a trick has now appeared and it can pay off The stage is a look based on Halloween.

How to change WhatsApp icon for Halloween?

Initially it needs to be downloaded from the Google Play Store ‘New launcher’ application, No This is not the official WhatsApp. When the processor is installed, you need to search for and download a Imagine PNG We have WhatsApp icon in orange.

Once you have completed these steps, you should move on Icon of the instant messaging app And put it this way, it will allow you Access the Edit button. To be continued You need to select the green WhatsApp icon And where to go I saved the image you downloaded earlier.

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After selecting the image, Converts the icon color to orange It is perfect for Halloween parties. However, this trick can also be used Change the icon color to suit the user’s taste Or depending on the holiday you want to celebrate.

It should be noted that ‘Nova Launcher’ is a processor created by people outside of WhatsAppTherefore, the use of this tool represents a Violation of application policies Indicates the risk of the application and this user account.

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What are the risks when using unofficial processors in WhatsApp?

According to WhatsApp Official Blog, Users who install these types of applications are at risk of having their account disabled because these applications have access to user information and this Danger to the safety and privacy of the people.

Therefore, users of these unofficial apps run the risk of disclosing their personal information to malicious individuals or preventing Facebook from violating the terms of use of the WhatsApp,

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