“Great improvement on privacy”: What’s the new WhatsApp update?


15 October 2021 11:46 GMT

Facebook CEO and WhatsApp owner Mark Zuckerberg said, “The team is proud to continue to lead the defense of their personal conversations.

WhatsApp has introduced a new update that has been described as a “major improvement in privacy” that will benefit its billions of users. Stage Advertising You have started implementing Encryption from end to end For news backup In the cloud.

“The team is proud to continue to lead the defense of their personal conversations,” commented Facebook CEO and WhatsApp owner Mark Zuckerberg. Had announced From September 10, the company plans to implement this new function.

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WhatsApp has long provided the ultimate first encryption for messages sent through the app nobody is here (Not even the company) can read messages other than the sender’s or recipient’s mobile phones. However, until now, this feature was not available for news backups stored in the cloud.

“When you create an end-to-end encrypted backup, your news and media files are stored in the cloud and protected by a password or A 64 digit encryption key“, Explains Website On WhatsApp, users are warned that if they lose their chats and forget the password, they will not be able to restore the backup copy of the messages. The text says, “WhatsApp will not reset your password or restore the backup for you.”

A company spokesperson Said To The Independent “This An improvement in privacy“, Which will significantly improve the security of users’ personal messages.

The site will gradually offer this feature to its users on iOS and Android worldwide. The pace of activity is expected to increase in the next few weeks. In addition, users They can choose Whether they want to implement the feature on their devices or not.

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