WhatsApp: Bad news for Android phones | Chronicles

WhatsApp: Bad news for Android phones |  Chronicles

After announcing that a The long list of cell phones will lose use from November, Share However, it is producing new bad news for more than 2 billion users This time it only affects users Android: Coming soon Google can control the message storage program on the platform.

Currently, Google offers Unlimited storage for backup chats Share Median Google Drive, Your cloud application.

From this I save chat backups Share Instant messaging on Google Drive has become one of the easiest and most effective ways for users Facebook They can change their phones and keep their old messages and chats.

So far, WhatsApp backups have not counted the Google Drive storage quota Agreement between the two companies.

However, This may change. At least that’s what WabettaInfo, the site that specializes in news usage leaks, announced.

Unfortunately, the release date is unknownBut we follow the development of the feature carefully and will keep you updated as usual. “The report said.

According to 2020 data, Share There are 33.43 million users in the country Stadista says this change could affect 95% of Argentines who own Android phones.

“Google may stop providing unlimited storage for backups Share, But Switches to a limited program (2000 MB per user) “WABetainfo reported.

This new project has not been announced yet and everything may change in the coming weeks, But this is the idea of ​​a new way to store backups Share And Google Drive “He added.

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