Flag Day in cinemas, a film with actor Sean Penn


Themes presented on Flag Day

The Picture This is a film adaptation of the memoirs of American journalist Jennifer Vogel. Flag Day Symbolizes the American Dream, Success and the King Dollar, according to the Franstwinfo site. The Long distance This triggers the unique possibility of promising that the country will be realized by fame or money.

This film is the history of a failed father

Flag Day, Posted on Dark rooms September 29, 2021, revolves around John Vogel, played by director and screenwriter Sean Benn, A father who saw petty thieves and almost took care of the education of his children. He does everything he can to maintain the look of a successful life, but quickly captures his past. The creditors come to intimidate him in front of his daughter. The latter will try to change the relationship with his father.


Flag Day is screened in theaters Photo by John McDougall / AFP

Lay Casting to Biopic Flag Day

In cinematic fiction, the descendants of the main character are played Dylan Benn, Daughter of a famous Hollywood actor. Sean Penn’s son Hopper Jack appeared on screen in this thriller. actors Flag Day Also starring actress Dale Tiki, Josh Brolin, actress Bailey Nobel As well as British actor Eddie Marson.

Additional information on the flag day feature

The Play, Currently being shown in theaters, is inspired by a true story that takes place between the 1970s and 1990s. For half the shots Flag Day , Famous and excellent Actor L’Interprte or even the 21 gram viewing gallery varies, which has been digitally revived. The latter was initially reluctant to play this role in the film and invited Matt Damon to convince him that he was the right person to play this role.

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